SSD High performance drives?

April 21, 2012 • Posted by KevinOpie in Blog • • 0 comments  

SSD Drives worth the outlay?

With 120GB SSD Drives now being offered at under £100, now may be a good time to taste the speed benefits an SSD drive can offer. Regular reports of system boot times and application opening times close to 50% faster make it an attractive upgrade.

Big Photo Library or Massive iTunes?

Perhaps a hybrid drive would suit better, 500GB 7200 Spin with 4GB SSD Adaptive Memory to recognise the most frequently used applications and data files, then places them into the solid-state portion of the drive so that they can be recalled quickly.

Apple-Core can install and either install a fresh system or copy / clone you existing data from you hard drive with minimal fuss and delay. Please get in touch for a personal quotation.

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